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Killeen ABA Clinic

4102 S Clear Creek Road
Ste #112
Killeen, TX 76549
(254) 262-0777

Hours: 8AM-4PM

Our Services for ABA Therapy in Killeen, TX

Our in-home ABA therapy in the Killeen, region of Texas provides a range of autism services depending on your, or your child’s, specific needs. We offer one-on-one treatment for people of all ages, and our treatment plans are built to meet defined objectives.

Full-Time Day Program

Our in-home full-time ABA program helps promote independence in children and equips them with the tools to transition into a traditional school environment. This program is designed for children, teenagers and older individuals. We focus on teaching age-appropriate skills such as communication, self-help, social skills, and more, all tailored to each child’s specific needs. 

Part-Time Focused Intervention

Our in-home focused part-time ABA program applies to all ages and focuses on troubles related to autism spectrum disorder (ASD). This focused intervention is optimal for those who need treatment for a specific set of functional skills.

Feeding Therapy

Empower Behavioral Health works with parents on integrating techniques through our in-home ABA feeding therapy program to ease mealtime for both the child and the family. Whether your child is struggling to use utensils or navigate eating a meal in a restaurant, we are here to support you.

Toilet Training

Empower’s in-home toilet training sessions educate parents on techniques and tools to guide children to use the bathroom on their own. We offer this program for those with or without autism or developmental disorders.

Virtual Therapy

For those who prefer or qualify for online services, our virtual ABA therapy is offered for your convenience. Our certified Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) provide ABA therapy through video conferencing to allow for professional guidance in the comfort of your home.

Will Insurance Cover ABA Therapy?

Yes, it is possible for insurance to cover all if not some of ABA therapy, specifically in Texas, due to laws for diagnosed autism coverage. Empower’s services are in-network with most insurance companies, and our intake process includes verification and a walk-through of benefits. An official autism diagnosis is required to utilize insurance coverage for our services.

What Makes Empower Behavioral Health Different?

Empower Behavioral Health was founded by a dedicated team of professionals and BCBAs who saw a future in ABA services that greatly benefit those with autism and other developmental disorders. We are dedicated to supporting patients and families by teaching necessary life skills through the use of ABA techniques with a mission of empowering individuals with autism and their families through quality services, such as positive reinforcement and natural environment teaching.