Corpus Christi ABA Therapy

We are now offering in-home ABA therapy while we find our perfect home in Corpus Christi!
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About Our In-Home ABA Therapy Services

While we’re waiting to find our perfect ABA center in the Corpus Christi area, we’re offering in-home ABA therapy services

The goals of our in-home ABA therapy are similar to that of our center-based services. We work with individuals to develop a variety of function skills including self-help, communication, independence, and negative behavior reduction.

The main benefit of in-home ABA therapy is that skills are learned in the individual’s natural environment. This helps with teaching specific skills related to the home such as bathing, toileting, bedtime routines, and more. So patients are able to learn these skills where they will actually use them.

What to Expect During Our In-Home Services

Our in-home ABA therapy operates similarly to our virtual aba services. A registered behavioral technician (RBT) will work with the patient directly in the home while the BCBA supervises and supports through video conferencing.

Our BCBA will also provide parent training while the RBT demonstrates various strategies to assist in parent learning. Our hope is that parents will become more confident in implementing strategies learned during ABA sessions during everyday life.

In-Home Diagnostic Evaluations

Early intervention for autism plays an important role in treatment success and having a professional autism diagnosis can help determine the appropriate services. Empower Behavioral Health’s Licensed Psychologist provides in-home autism evaluations for individuals of all ages in Corpus Christi. 

Our autism evaluation services include:

  • Autism evaluations
  • Neurodevelopmental evaluations
  • Mental health evaluations
  • Trauma evaluations

Does Insurance Pay for ABA Therapy?

Your insurance company may cover all or a portion of ABA therapy due to Texas laws requiring coverage for those with a professional ASD diagnosis. Empower Behavioral Health is in-network with a majority of health insurance companies. As a part of our intake process, we will confirm coverage and walk through your benefits prior to beginning in-home treatment.

What Makes Empower Behavioral Health Different?

Empower Behavioral Health was founded with the mission to empower those with autism and their families through quality treatment. By supporting individuals with autism, we know they are capable of reaching their full potential now, and in the future. Our team is dedicated to putting people first, doing what’s right, and collaborating with you to reach a shared goal.